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Metal forming lubricants for aluminum copper and brass

Choosing the proper metal forming lubricant and metal stamping for non ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and brass has become a difficult, complicated decision. Factors that influence choosing the right lubricant are: type of alloy, severity of the metal forming operation, metal stamping, application method and subsequent operations. General Chemical Corp. is an expert at solving metal forming or metal stamping problems. For an aluminum lubricant or copper brass lubricant recommendation contact General Chemical; a proven world class leader in aluminum lubricants, Motor oil, synthetic lubricants and copper brass lubricants.

General Chemical offers a complete line of aluminum lubricants and copper brass lubricants. The product line discussed below is design to handle the most stamping and deep drawing operations; however General Chemical can formulate lubricants to meet special requirements. These Aluminum lubricants and copper brass lubricants are available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 300 gallon totes.


Sometimes it is advantageous to use a lubricant that disappears after it has done its job. These materials leave a light coating of lubricant on the part during processing and then evaporate shortly thereafter. In many cases these lubricants can completely eliminate cleaning operations. Our vanishing oils will not turn tacky or gummy, have no odor and are designed to always stay fluid. Recommended for use on virtually all metals.

Vanishing Lubricants, Vanishing Oils


GenLube 2200
Chlorine Free:For Light duty blanking, stamping, very shallow draws and metalworking

Metals: Aluminum, copper, brass, mild (1010, 1008) and silicone steel.

Solvent: Low Viscosity Vanishing Oil
Dilution: As supplied


Chlorine Free: For light duty, thin gage (.001 to .060); blanking, fin forming.

Metals: Aluminum, copper, brass, mild (1010, 1008) and silicone steel.
Solvent: Thermal De-oiling type, Low Viscosity Oil
Dilution: As supplied

Chlorine Free: For Medium duty blanking, stamping, very shallow draws, fin forming.

Metals: Aluminum, copper, brass, mild (1010, 1008) and silicone steel.

Solvent: Low viscosity Vanishing oil
Dilution: As supplied

Chlorine Free: Mild EP. For light to medium duty blanking, stamping, very shallow draws, laminating.

Metals: Aluminium, copper, brass, mild and silicone steel. Solvent: Vanishing oil
Dilution: As supplied
Chlorine Based :General purpose "Evaporative Lubricant" for light to Medium duty forming of all metals. Requires no post cleaning. Ideal to bend or stamp painted stock. No post heat treatment.

Metals: For All Metals Solvent: Vanishing oil
Dilution: As supplied

General Chemical specializes in formulating vanishing oils motor oil and solvent based metal working lubricants. Vanishing oils evaporate leaving the surface dry and oil free; they eliminate cleaning and reduce costs. Some medium to heavy duty vanishing oils may leave a miniscule film, which generally does not require removal. All vanishing lubricants can be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Genlube 2240: developed for the heat transfer and air conditioner industries used for fin forming, blanking, and light operations. Light duty stamping and drawing ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Genlube3010: engineered for ferrous and non ferrous metals. Used for forming, blanking, roll forming and perforating.

Genlube3830: a V.O.C free no flash point, and non flammable vanishing lubricant for roll forming ferrous and non ferrous welded tubing. Eliminates fire hazards and cleaning.

Gendraw2231: a high flash solvent based forming lubricant developed for the aluminum heat exchanger industry, where vacuum or thermal de-oiling process are used.

Soluble Oil Lubricants

GENDRAW 3590Water reducible, For light to medium duty stamping, drawing, roll forming, tube drawing, Ammunition Industry for casing

Metals: Copper, brass,thin gage aluminium, mild steel (1010,1008)

Solvent: Synthetic
Dilution: 5 to 50%


Medium to heavy duty. For drawing, stamping, fine blanking. “Honey oil.”

Metals: Aluminum, stainless and alloy steel copper, brass.

Solvent: Medium viscosity oil
Dilution: As supplied
GENDRAW 3970Extra Heavy duty Synthetic lubricant For deep drawing, stamping, blanking, tube forming, roll forming.

Metals: Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper brass.

Solvent: Synthetic
Dilution: Dilute with water

Soluble oil based stamping and drawing lubricants provide the lubricity of oil and oil soluble lubricity additives with cooling effect of water. These products permit faster press rates; insure dimensional accuracy, and promote excellent surface finish.

Rolube6001: Soluble oil concentrate used for hot and cold rolling of copper and brass. Non-staining, anneals clean. Use dilution 1:10 to 1:20

Gendraw3860: a heavy duty soluble oil concentrate, contains extreme pressure lubricity additives. Safe for all metals except titanium. Use dilutions 1to3 to 1:25

Genlube6001: Light to medium duty soluble oil concentrates for use on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Non-staining contains polar and boundary lubricants. Use dilutions 1:3 to 1:20

Genlube3250: heavy duty soluble oil concentrate for forming ferrous metals. Contains a passive extreme pressure lubricity additive. Use dilutions 1:3 to 1:2

Soluble Oil Lubricants Continued

Rolube 6001Hot and cold rolling of brass and copper, cold rolling aluminum

Features: Non-staining anneals clean polar lubricity

Gendraw 3860
Heavy duty all metals

Features : Boundary and extreme pressure lubricity

Genlube 6001
Light to medium duty all metals

Features : Boundary and polar lubricity

Gendraw 3250
Heavy duty ferrous and aluminum

Features : Boundary, extreme pressure lubric

Gendraw 3850
Heavy duty ferrous and aluminum

Features : Medium viscosity, boundary and extreme pressure lubricity


Oil based lubricants containing boundary, polar and extreme pressure lubricity additives, they are used in severe forming operations such as deep draws and where severe ironing occurs.

Gendraw3850 a medium viscosity, heavy duty lubricant for forming ferrous metals and aluminum. Contains boundary and extreme pressure lubricity additives.


Genlube 3100
Heavy duty forming, all metals

Features : Extreme pressure lubricity

Gendraw 3250
Copper wire drawing

Features : High speed bright finish

Genlube 3520
Medium duty forming nonferrous metals

Features : Excellent lubricity, non-staining

Genlube 3570
Roll forming all metals

Features : Superior detergency keeps rolls clean

Genlube 3920
Heavy duty forming, all metals

Features : Non-staining, clean annealing, excellent lubricity without chlorine and sulfur


Synthetic metal forming lubricants are oil free. They provide the lubricity of oil based lubricants, the cooling effects of water plus superior metal wetting. They contain corrosion inhibitors, lubricity additives and mist suppressants.

Genlube 3100: a heavy duty, oil free, synthetic lubricant, paste, contains polar and extreme pressure additives. For ferrous and nonferrous metals. Use dilution 1:3 to 1:10

Genlube 3490: a copper wire drawing lubricant, high speed, clean annealing, polar lubricity. Use dilutions 1:1 to 1:4.

Genlube 3520: a medium duty forming lubricant for copper and brass, non-staining. Use dilution 1:3 to 1:10

Genlube 3570: is used for roll forming of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Excellent detergency to keep rolls clean. Use dilution 1:3 to 1:25.

Genlube 3920: a heavy duty stamping and drawing lubricant for ferrous metals including stainless steel. Does not contain chlorine or sulfur. Use dilution 1:1 to 1:10


Genpro 1260

Rust inhibitor for ferrous metals

Solvent : Water based Dilution: 5%-20% by volume w/water

Genpro 3390
Water displacing rust and corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Solvent : Solvent based Dilution: Use as received


GEN DRAW 3860: Heavy duty stamping and drawing soluble oil. Safe for use on all metals, provides boundary and extreme pressure lubricity. Typical uses include blanking of thick gauge metals, ferrous, nonferrous aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized automotive parts, Use dilutions range from 1:1 to 1:25 depending on the severity of the operation.

GENLUBE 2240: Vanishing oil. Safe for all metals. Provides boundary lubrication, Developed specifically for the heat transfer and Air Conditioner industries, Typical uses include fin forming, blanking and light duty drawing and stamping. Used as supplied

ROLUBE 6001: Proven Lubricant for Copper/Brass rolling mills. Used in Many countries. Reduces or Eliminates cleaning after Annealing. Water emulsifiable lubricant. Also used for Stamping , Drawing and quenching in Tube Mills.

ROLCIDE 5500: Broad-spectrum bactericide. It is used worldwide for the routine treatment of metalworking fluids to prevent microbial contamination.