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OIL BASED LUBRICANTS: Metal Forming lubricants For Aluminum, Copper & Brass

Choosing the proper metal forming lubricant and metal stamping for non ferrous metals such as Aluminum, copper brass has become a difficult, complicated decision. Factors that influence choosing the right lubricant are: type of alloy, severity of the metal forming operation, metal stamping, application method and subsequent operations. General Chemical Corp. is an expert at solving metal forming or metal stamping problems. For a Aluminum lubricant or copper brass lubricant recommendation contact General Chemical; a proven world class leader in Aluminum lubricants, Motor oil, Synthetic Lubricants and copper brass lubricants.

General Chemical offers a complete line of Aluminum lubricants and copper brass lubricants. The product line discussed below is design to handle the most stamping and deep drawing operations; however General Chemical can formulate lubricants to meet special requirements. These Aluminum lubricants and copper brass lubricants are available in 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 300 gallon totes.


Oil based lubricants containing boundary, polar and extreme pressure lubricity additives, they are used in severe forming operations such as deep draws and where severe ironing occurs.

Gendraw3850 a medium viscosity, heavy duty lubricant for forming ferrous metals and aluminum. Contains boundary and extreme pressure lubricity additives.


Gendraw 3850
Heavy duty ferrous and aluminum

Features: Medium viscosity, boundary and extreme pressure lubricity