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an oil free, heavy duty stamping and drawing lubricant.3590 leaves a protective monomolecular film on formed parts that protects against tarnish. Typical parts formed with GENDRAW 3590 are copper and brass radiator headers and tanks, rifle ammunition, and roll former parts. Residual films of GENDRAW 3590 burn clean in annealing furnaces. 3590 may also be used to form aluminum


Product Description


” We need a draw lube for 1st draw that will clean 100% off with hot water and not cause any problems in the next process which is anneal heat treat. I need a 1 gal. sample ASAP. Thank You “-Dan Scharch.

“We are very happy with the product. It is doing what we want.”-Dan Scharch-Scharch Manufacturing, Inc.

Engineered for forming stainless steel and aluminum, Copper, Brass

Engineered for forming stainless steel and aluminum, Copper, Brass GENDRAW 3590 is a heavy duty, synthetic, water-soluble drawing lubricant designed to form brass, copper and other ferrous and non- ferrous metals. GENDRAW 3590 increases die life, improves surface finish, produces greater dimensional accuracy, and reduces scrap. GENDRAW 3590 does not contain chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, or petroleum oils. Residual films of GENDRAW 3590 provide in-plant, in-process corrosion protection, do not interfere with welding, and are readily removed with mild alkaline cleaners at low temperatures. GENDRAW 3590 is completely biodegradable and non-hazardous. By varying the dilution, GENDRAW 3590 can perform virtually all of the forming operations in your plant. Forming operations performed with GENDRAW 3590 include stamping, blanking, tube bending, end- forming on tubing, ironing, cupping, and deep drawing.

Mixing Directions: Slowly add GENDRAW 3590 to water with mild agitation.

Storage: Store GENDRAW 3590 in a clean, dry area away from excessive heat. Avoid

GENDRAW 3590 may be applied by spray, roll coating, swab, brush or drip feed.

  • Drawing and piercing lubricant for pre-coated stock.
  • Non-corrosive to brass, copper, other ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Residual films provide corrosion protection.
  • Forming and drawing lubricant
  • Oil free, does not contain chlorine or sulfur

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