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Anti-staining agent to be added to rinse tank after cleaning with sulphuric acid and Gen Kleen 3650 for Copper and Copper Alloys.


Product Description

TEKEBRA 6241 TEKEBRA 6241 is Engineered and formulated to prevent staining of Copper and Copper Alloy. TEKEBRA 6241 forms a mono-molecular film on the metal surface. It leaves an invisible protective coating.

Operating Guidelines: TEKEBRA 6241 TEKEBRA 6241 may be added directly to rinse waters, wire and tube drawing solutions and most emulsifiable cutting and rolling oils. TEKEBRA 6241 is used at ambient to 190° F (88° C) maximum. The pH of working bath should be maintained above 5.0 and below 8.0.

After the final steps in production process, if water spots or stains occur than follow one of the following options:
1. Last process step – hot water rinse at 80° C to 88° C (180° F – 190° F).
2. Apply forced air to dry the metal after TEKEBRA 6241 rinse.
3. Use rinse aid (wetting agent) supplied by General Chemical with TEKEBRA 6241.


TEKEBRA 6241 TEKEBRA 6241 is a light brown liquid. Caution is recommended. Store inside. Do not freeze.
Following table provides guidelines on process time and TEKEBRA 6241 concentration at temperature above 140° F (60° C).

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