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Rolling Mill Lubricants for Copper Brass
& Metal Cleaners

General Chemical Corp. offers a complete line of compatible Lubricants, cleaners and Anti staining Agents For Rolling Mills. Since Rolling mill lubricants are compatible with each other, they eliminate problems in each of the processing operations in Rolling Mill plants. These products have reduced costs and improved manufacturing in Rolling Mills throughout the world.

The cleaner additives are engineered to be used with sulphuric acid tank fro accelerating removal of oxides and heat scale after annealing. Additives make sulphuric acid bath long lasting highly efficient and free rinsing.

The anti staining agent is added to the rinse tank. It leaves mono molecular film which protects copper and brass against staining ,tarnishing and corrosion. General chemical offers a complete package of products/ lubricants used in rolling mill copper and brass metal: A lubricant, an emulsifiable hydraulic oil that does not hard rolling mill lubricant-which eliminates the problems associated with tramp oils. We offer biocide to extend the life of the rolling mill oil emulsion.

Rolling Mill Lubricants:

ROLUBE 6001: Rolling mill lubricants for copper brass and its alloys in rolling mill . 6001 is the choice of rolling mill operators worlwide.Used in Many countries. Reduces or Eliminates cleaning after Annealing. It forms emulsion with water. In many rolling mills it has helped reduce or eliminate cleaning after annealing.

Gen Lube 3600: An emulsifiable hydraulic oil. It reduces or eliminates problems caused by hydraulic oil leaking into the rolling emulsions. Designed to eliminate problems of tramp oils in Mill Rolling Oil emulsions

ROLCIDE 5500: Broad-spectrum bactericide. It is used worldwide for the routine treatment of metalworking fluids to prevent microbial contamination.


Rolling Mill Cleaners & Other Products:

Gen Kleen 3650: Water based additive to add to Sulphuric acid Tank to efficiently and economically clean red and black copper oxides.

TEKEBRA 6241: Anti-staining agent to be added to rinse tank after cleaning with sulphuric acid and Gen Kleen 3650 for Copper and Copper Alloys.

Acidon 7710: Water based Sulphuric acid based pickling system for Copper and Copper alloys to remove oxides and Brighten Brass. used in Mill Rolling after annealing process . Spray or soak and works with high speed operation as well.

CuBraClean_6160: For Copper & Copper Alloy Cleaning Additive with Sulphuric Acid